We offer different sterilization options for pet owners that would like to preserve their female pet’s hormones. Hormone sparing options are not standard sterilization and are NOT a low-cost option.

Hysterectomy can only be performed on dogs from 6 to 18 months old. We no longer perform vasectomies.

An appointment is required.
Please read the post surgery information, click here.

Hormone Sparing Options:

Hysterectomy, female dog between 6 and 18 months old- $1500

CHECK-IN: Dogs Over 30 pounds 7-7:30am, Dogs under 30 pounds 7:45-8:15, Cats and Rabbits 7am-8am. Please adhere to this staggered drop-off schedule. We have limited parking and are committed to appropriate social distancing to protect staff and clients
PICK-UP: CATS AND DOGS 4pm – 5pm- We will attempt to call you when your pet is ready for pick up BUT all animals MUST be picked up by 5pm or the owner will be assessed a late fee of $50. Your pet may be ready earlier than 4pm and if possible, please pick up as soon as you are able.