Spaying and neutering, or surgical sterilization, can take place when your cat or dog is at least 2 months old and weighs 2+ pounds or your rabbit is 6 months old.

An appointment is required. 
Please read the Home Care Instructions for post-surgery click here.

Spay & Neuter Surgery Prices 

Cat male or female $ 55 (Price includes pre-surgery exam, surgery, cold-laser therapy and a nail trim)

Dog Price INCLUDES: pre-surgery exam, surgery, cold-laser therapy, nail trim, post-surgery pain meds and an e-collar

Dog spay or neuter (2-49 lbs) $ 140
Dog neuter (male 50-99 lbs) $ 160
Dog spay (female, 50-99 lbs) $ 180
Dog spay or neuter (100+ lbs) $ 225

Prices subject to change. SpayToday is committed to high quality medicine at a great value, so all pets have the opportunity to receive basic healthcare, especially spay and neuter. A number of factors have made a modest price increase necessary to be able to continue carrying out our mission and ensure we are sustainable long-term. The effects of Covid-19, including cost increases on supplies and equipment necessary to fulfill our services is just one of the factors that made this change necessary.

Rabbit male or female $ 150 (Price includes pre-surgery exam, surgery, cold-laser therapy, nail trim and post-surgery medication)

Community/feral cat caretakers: please call for surgery pricing.

CHECK-IN: Dogs Over 30 pounds 7-7:30am, Dogs under 30 pounds 7:45-8:15, Cats and Rabbits 7am-8am. Please adhere to this staggered drop-off schedule. We have limited parking and are committed to appropriate social distancing to protect staff and clients
PICK-UP: CATS AND DOGS 4pm – 5pm- We will attempt to call you when your pet is ready for pick up BUT all animals MUST be picked up by 5pm or the owner will be assessed a late fee of $50. Your pet may be ready earlier than 4pm and if possible, please pick up as soon as you are able.