Beyond Spay & Neuter- For Angelo and all Pets In Need

On Sunday, October 1, a 10 week old, 3-legged kitten named Angelo visited our spay and neuter clinic at the Aurora Animal Shelter. The owner was told that the missing leg was a birth defect, but something didn’t look right to Dr. Piccoli. After examining the stump, she diagnosed that Angelo had actually lost his leg as a result of some trauma and it needed to be repaired to improve his quality of life and make sure it did not get infected. Angelo’s owner was thrilled that we were able to help him live a happier, healthier life and we know Angelo has a brighter, pain-free future ahead of him.

Every day at SpayToday, we see and hear from pet owners who need more than just low-cost spay and neuter and vaccines. They need a broader variety of affordable and accessible veterinary services to take care of the pets they love. From the simple things like an annual physical or heartworm test to services like treatment of ear infections and minor surgical procedures. The high cost of veterinary care is a significant obstacle to many families and the pets they love. We want to help families overcome this obstacle because we do not believe a pet’s health should be determined by the size of their owner’s bank account.¬†

In 2018, we will be expanding the services we offer to include more services at an affordable cost, including wellness exams. We will always be your spay and neuter headquarters, but we believe we can make a bigger impact for pets health, keep pets with the owners who love them and strengthen the human-animal bond by going Beyond Spay & Neuter.

You can join us on the journey for healthier pets and a healthier community by making a donation that will be used directly to fund our wellness clinic renovation and the supplies and equipment we need to start serving more pets in a bigger way. Will you Make a Donation today?

Stay tuned over the coming months for details about our expansion and to learn how you can get involved.