Free spay, neuter and vaccines available to pets of federal workers directly affected by the Government Shutdown

SpayToday will provide free spay or neuter, vaccinations and microchips to any cat or dog whose family is being directly affected by the shutdown. Federal employees and individuals whose assistance has been jeopardized or temporarily halted by the federal government shutdown are eligible for assistance. Over one month ago, our federal government shutdown. It was […]


A Personal Message from Dr. Karrh

I just wanted to offer a little personal note and information about myself to everyone who loves and supports SpayToday as I thoughtfully transition in as Medical Director with this amazing organization. First and foremost, I LOVE my animals!  And I love your animals too—I love all animals!  I have six small dogs and all […]


Dr. Karrh Joins SpayToday as Medical Director

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Carolyn Karrh will join our team as Medical Director, effective February 1st. Dr. Karrh succeeds SpayToday’s founder, Dr. Angelina Piccoli, who will continue to perform surgery and work with other veterinarians interested in high-volume spay and neuter techniques and procedures. Dr. Karrh holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts […]